Premium domestic and commercial cleaning.

Domestic Cleaning

from £17ph
  • Vacuuming
  • Dusting
  • Washing Floors
  • Emptying & Washing Bins
  • Bed Linen Changing
  • Washing Up
  • Clean Kitchens & Bathrooms

Commercial Cleaning

from £25ph
  • Vacuuming
  • Dusting
  • Washing Floors
  • Emptying & Washing Bins
  • Washing Up
  • Clean Kitchens & Bathrooms
  • Clean Elevators and Stairs


from £17ph
  • Shirts
  • Tops
  • Jeans
  • Trousers
  • Skirts
  • Bedding
  • Towels

You will be charged based on how long the ironing takes. Ironing will be completed in your own home.

Home Organisation & De-cluttering

from £40ph


A good declutter works wonders for your living and head space. Our team are experts at assisting and advising on which items to treasure and which to trash, whilst being mindful of your individuality and needs.


If you have problem areas in your household – closets, pantries, playrooms etc, let our team assist with organising those spaces and providing solutions that are stress free, practical and fit in with your lifestyle.


Any storage boxes/products etc. will be purchased after your consultation and will be an additional cost.

End of Tenancy

from £150
  • Dusting
  • Vacuuming
  • Clean Windows
  • Deep Clean Kitchens & Bathrooms
  • Deep Clean Bedrooms
  • Wash Floors
  • Inside Fridge Clean
  • Descaling
  • Clean Light Switches
  • Skirting Boards
  • Door Frames


Our oven, upholstery and carpet cleaning are provided by an external company.

Builders Clean

from £225
  • Remove labels from bathroom sinks, windows, toilet and kitchen appliances
  • Vacuum or mop floors to remove any paint, dust and plaster
  • Clean all windows of paint, dust and plaster
  • Clean all window sills and frames
  • Clean all skirting boards and wash doors
  • Dust and clean sockets and switches
  • Wash and spot clean all walls and ceilings
  • Deep clean inside and out of all cupboards, drawers and other fixtures
  • Clean and polish all wooden surfaces
  • Wash basins and tiles in the bathroom to remove paint and plaster
  • Ensure your property is dust free

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